Organic, extra Virgin, cold pressed.

oliveto Morano is produced in a stone mill, olive oil press using certified, organic olives only. The wheels roll in circles on a slab of granite to grind the olives into paste. Olives are highly perishable and their complex flavor degrades at a rapid speed which makes the process time sensitive and labor intensive. Thankfully, with this old fashioned method, larger sized drops are formed to minimize mixing times. The paste is not heated and lower levels of polyphenols is extracted so the oil is less bitter. It's a well-known, perfected technology.

Olive Oil Process.png

The essence of our olive oil is delicate yet complex, offering a spectrum of flavors. The nutty, earthy and floral qualities make oliveto Morano distinct in color, aroma and taste.  oliveto Morano olive oil requires three kinds of trees — noccolare, lecchese, and roggianese  — to produce the three kinds of olives necessary for the right acidity, color, and density. This is no easy task as the olives must be hand-picked right before they mature for maximum flavor. Each type has a different maturity date, typically between November and mid-December. None of the olives can touch the ground as that compromises the acidity. Once picked, the olives must be cold pressed right away, each kind separately. Only then are they blended together. It’s tricky stuff but the light yet lush, nutty flavor is worth it. When completed, it’s packaged in dark green, glass bottles to shield the oil from exposure to damaging light. The glass also acts as a sufficient barrier to air.